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Random Ramblings

I have so many thoughts in my head that I can’t really separate them out, so today’s post is full of random ramblings.

I finally feel like a stay-at-home-mom (although, in reality, we don’t stay at home a lot!). School has been back in session for two weeks, and I finally feel like I am no longer a middle school teacher. Last week had a lot to do with that: two trips to the playground, a trip to the zoo, fun playtimes. It just really sunk in that I get to be home with Little Man.

I realize how blessed I am to be home. I have many friends (in real life and in blogland) that don’t have this same privilege. I hear their hearts and mine breaks along with them.

But then enters mommy competition. Not from me, so much…I’m going to respect women who do what they have to do for their families. But I’ve already heard snarky comments from the SAHMs about the working moms and vice versa. Goodness, ladies…can’t we all just realize being a mom is hard work and that our lives would be so much better if we SHARED with each other instead of being snarky and mean?

I’m starting MOPS next week at our church. Talk about snarkiness…I’m petrified all I’m going to hear is snarkiness and husband-bashing. I can’t stand either one. But I had to pay a huge amount of dues, so I’ll feel forced to go, because I paid for it, even if I don’t want to. I feel like I’m starting high school as a brand new just-moved-to-the-area girl and I won’t fit in anywhere.

My husband interviewed for a promotion last week. We were supposed to find out yesterday. No one has heard anything yet. Grrr….

Little Man’s upper teeth are coming in. I thought it was bad when he was cutting his lower teeth…yikes!

He won’t eat jarred food. I’ve created a monster 🙂  Thus I have two pans of squash and peaches in the oven and a huge bag of pears to process. If he would ever take a nap this afternoon.

Pregnant women who complain incessantly about being pregnant…I have no patience. NONE. Sometimes I do. Right now? Nope. None. Complain to someone else about your miracle and its unpleasant side effects.

I know that’s harsh, but that’s the kind of mood I’m in. Foul, apparently 🙂

Suddenly adoption is everywhere. It’s in every book (fiction, btw) that I read, on lots of television shows and is now showing up in magazines. That’s great, on the one hand. On the other, they’re all touting open adoption, something that I have no choice in. That makes me sad – mostly for my son, although I do miss S a lot.

Thankfully it’s cooler outside, so that helps us out a lot at home!!


4 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Random indeed. So glad you're enjoying and getting to be a SAHM.
    I know what you mean about the snarky & bashing. I try my best to not say negative things if I don't agree with someones beliefs or whatever. Women can be harsh sometimes. Very hurtful too, although unintentional of course.
    Hope you hear back soon about the promotions.

    I've found that pregnant women in their 9th month are really getting on my nerves. They're all trying to force the baby out and I am watching my friend celebrate 7 weeks with her son in the NICU because he was born at 27 weeks. I wish moms realized what blessings their easy pregnancies were.


  2. I wouldn't be in it if it were that snarky! Besides, it's a Christian organization. If there's snarkiness, call them on it! I would! 🙂 Or if you're chicken, just talk to me and I'll deal with it. I'm like the church mafia: you know a guy who'll come in and take care of things. lol


  3. Interesting…I'm praying about starting to go to MOPs at our church too, partly for the same reasons…wish we could go to the same one!

    Pregnant women: DITTO!!!!!

    No teeth here yet, but I'm sensing it will be soon! Kinda scared!

    Loving being at home, too:)


  4. Rachel, I just wanted to say that I stalk your blog regularly. I have no idea if you remember me at all. I think I was a freshmen flute when you were a senior in BUMB. Anyway – late congrats on your son. He is absolutely gorgeous. And – I'm so glad you love being at home. I was able to work only part time last year to spend time with my daughter, but unfortunately, had to return full time this year and I miss being home. Thanks for appreciating that it's hard no matter what! 🙂


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