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Love My Boy

Cute Things My Son Has Done Recently:

1) At our first Christmas event, he ran around excitedly with tissue paper from his first gift. He didn’t care about the mega blocks in the bag – he loved the tissue paper.

2) He said “tank you” for every gift. Sometimes even unprompted!

3) He sings “Glory to God” at the top of his lungs. Often when he is trying to delay sleep. But how do you stop a child from worshipping? You don’t.

4) He started saying the prayer at meals (and every time I tell him to fold his hands so he doesn’t touch something!): “God great, God good. Tanks food. Jesus. Hands. Bread. Amen.” Adorable.

5) He is teaching me the finer points of faith like a child. As I said here, things have been a little rough for me, faith-wise, lately. Watching him, as a two year old, love Jesus, want “Bible stories” and watch “Veggie Tales” a hundred times a week is having an impact on my own faith walk.

6) He has started pausing in whatever he is doing to run over and hug me.

7) He is starting to say “I love you” to us without being prompted.

8) He received a set of plush Veggie Tales characters (Bob & Larry) and he. loves. them. to. pieces. I’m afraid it will literally be to pieces 🙂  But it is so cute to see him love these little guys.

9) He sings “Oh no goat” instead of “Oh no, You never let go.”

10) He makes it easier for me to imagine God sitting in Heaven smiling down at our lives. And that is priceless and most precious in this season of my life right now.

** I’m bragging on my boy today here at the MOB Society. Brag on your boy, too! **

4 thoughts on “Love My Boy

  1. He does the cutest stuff!!! I love that he prays so he doesn't touch things and sings to not have to go to bed and LOVES his Veggie Tales! Absolutely precious!
    And, I am 100% POSITIVE that God is smiling down at your lives. Positive. =).


  2. I haven't been around much lately so I've caught up on your last few posts and I don't know what advice to offer about the sleep issues. I haven't been there to know what might work (I take Melantonin to help me sleep, but have no idea if kids can take it) and I know you are exhausted. Maybe your Little Man needs to go to Grandma camp for a few days so you can get a good couple nights of sleep. Can you visit sleep clinics with a child, I wonder?

    Mostly, I just want to say that I know how it feels to want to sleep but not be able to. It doesn't seem to be taking a toll on your little one, just one you and that makes for an irritable momma. I will pray that God will grant you both some much needed rest and the solution to this problem, in whatever form it may come. I'm so sorry.


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