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Heart Stoppers!

In the past two days, my heart has stopped twice. Now, I realize we are raising a boy. And he is ALL BOY.

So yesterday, we decided to take advantage of the strange 70 degree weather here in Indiana. We trek to the zoo. All is going well…we’re there…we’re stationed by the duck pond. Little Man is enjoying his turkey and cheese in his stroller while I munch on a sandwich at the picnic table. We’re watching the ducks and the lemurs on the island in the middle of the pond. LM is quite content watching the ducks up close.


I look down to check on him and there is a BEE crawling on his hand. I’m sure it was a little bee, but on his hand, it looked like a giant destructor bee. Amazingly, I calmly brush it away.

After my heart started again.

In like one second a thousand thoughts went through my head: what if he gets stung? what if he’s allergic? I don’t have Keith’s epi-pen (not that he was with us). why are there bees – there’s been a frost? don’tmovedon’tmovedon’tmove…..

All is well, right? No worries. We enjoy the rest of our day.


I’m making dinner. I’m thawing ground beef (all grass-fed organic, which I think is important later* in the story) in the microwave. I pull it out to chop it into pieces.

Apparently I chop with a little too much…umm…vigor.

I put it back in the microwave, and I look down at Little Man, who is happily playing at my feet.

Wait…what is he chewing? What is on his hand?

RAW BEEF.* (this is where I am thankful it is local and organic – less chance of icky diseases)

Apparently some of the beef had flown out of the pan and onto the floor.

I call poison control. I mean, what else am I going to do? The nice lady at poison control (Laura) answers all of my questions, although there was laughter in her voice. I don’t think he actually swallowed any…she encouraged me to wash his hands and have him drink some water. She explains that our immune systems are very strong, even at ten months, and that if the beef is contaminated (which it probably isn’t) it’s probably not going to harm him, especially in that small of an amount.

Of course, I have to watch for sickness for the next 24 hours or so….

But then he ate like 3/4 cup of rotini with meat sauce, so…I think he’s okay.

I’m not so sure about my heart….


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