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Quickie Update

Okay, okay, okay…so it’s been 8 days!

Last Thursday: finalization day in court – that’s another post. Then lunch with the family! Then Little Man, Grandma & I road-tripped late into the night to get to Detroit to my brother’s.

Friday – Sunday: hung out with family. Could I have posted? Maybe…but I was seriously enjoying not having any responsibilities except Little Man. Extra naps, anyone? But Little Man caught his first cold, and we spent most of Saturday night and Sunday upright in a recliner so he could breathe 😦

Monday: recovery from road trip, including trying to get Little Man back into his normal routine. But it also included a wonderful walk to & from the library. Yay for spring, finally, in the midwest!! Monday night I was very sore all over, but I thought it was from pushing the stroller over a mile. Little did I know…

Tuesday – Wednesday: stomach flu 😦 and recovery. The good news? I’m over my emetophobia and lost a few pounds. The bad news? Little Man missed his mommy and I had to hold him periodically even though I felt so sick. Luckily, Keith stayed home from work so I could just be sick on Tuesday. Wednesday involved lots of laying on the couch for me and bouncy seat time for Little Man.

Today: doctor’s appointment w/ first round of shots for Little Man. I’ll update later with stats!

Have a great day!!

2 thoughts on “Quickie Update

  1. Glad you are over your stomach flu and hope no one else gets it!!! Sounds like you had a nice, relaxing trip! We have a few coming up and I can't wait..aahh!

    Isn't it awful when they get sick! My little guy had several colds/sinusy chest things going on the first part of winter and it was awful, he couldn't shake it for anything but we finally did after about 2 months! Hope your little man is feeling better!

    We too are LOVING this warmer weather these past few days, even with the rain!!! Spring is on its way and we can't wait!!!


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