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Sleep Issues: Conversation with the ENT

The ENT called this week to further discuss the results of Little Man’s sleep study. Although there was one episode of apnea (cessation of breathing), it does not warrant a diagnosis of apnea or surgery on the little guy’s throat. Little Man slept about 70% of the study time. Docs like to see closer to… Continue reading Sleep Issues: Conversation with the ENT

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Is It Really February 11?

I guess it is! Today is my hubby’s birthday, and my Dad & Stepmom left town. My Mom agreed to stay (up all night) with the kiddo, so we’re having an impromptu “couple” night! All night! We might sleep until noon! Uninterrupted! Last night the kiddo was up from 2:30 until 6:00. I had a… Continue reading Is It Really February 11?

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Sleep Issues: Toddler Sleep Study

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the pediatric sleep clinic called to schedule Little Man’s sleep study. The ENT office had said to give it a week. Imagine my further surprise when the scheduler said, “We actually had a cancellation for tonight.” We’ll take it. That was about 11am yesterday. We were to be at the… Continue reading Sleep Issues: Toddler Sleep Study

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Sleep Issues: Step 1 Complete

We visited an ENT today. He was great; the visit overall was not (but that topic is for another day!). Nothing definitive came out of the visit. Dr. F proclaimed Little Man’s tonsils not abnormally large, but suggested a sleep study. He did ask about LM’s sleep habits, and I was relieved that as I… Continue reading Sleep Issues: Step 1 Complete

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Sleep Issues: A Diagnosis?

Two weeks ago was Little Man’s two year checkup. 35 3/4″ tall, 30 pounds, big head, very healthy 🙂 But I told our ped about the snoring, gasping and coughing I noticed while LM and I co-slept in Florida in November. She preliminarily diagnosed him with obstructive sleep apnea. That would explain the frequent night… Continue reading Sleep Issues: A Diagnosis?