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Mid Year Thoughts from a First Year CC Mom

We are halfway through our first “official” year of homeschool. I say “official” because in Indiana, children do not have to be enrolled in school until the fall of the school year in which they will turn 7, so I don’t technically have to keep records this year (although I am). We have twelve weeks… Continue reading Mid Year Thoughts from a First Year CC Mom

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I thought…

I thought…          …that I would find more time to blog this year. (obviously, i haven’t) …that a three year old would not still have severe separation anxiety. (he does) …that my own anxiety had lessened. (it hasn’t) …that running/attempting to run would get more enjoyable. (it hasn’t) …that six months after Keith moving to nights,… Continue reading I thought…

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Writer’s Block

I have writer’s block. I don’t know what to write. Somedays I think of grand ideas for posts… and then other days, I think, “Who wants to read about your boring daily life?”. So… tidbits. ***** Last week was rough, what with the death of a former student and all. She was only 12. I… Continue reading Writer’s Block

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I Can’t Even Imagine

A seventh grade girl from where I taught passed away yesterday. Suddenly. No warning. She was here. Then she was gone. And while we rejoice with the confidence that she is in Heaven with Jesus right now… I can’t even imagine what her mommy must feel. I went into school today. The school where I… Continue reading I Can’t Even Imagine

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Apparently I LOOK Pregnant???

Today was the last day of school for me. A parent (one who is generally rude and has raised an incredibly rude child): “So, this is your last day before maternity leave?” Me: “Yes.” Parent: “Well you look great! You’re hardly showing!” Me: “We’re adopting….remember?” Parent: “Oh.” SERIOUSLY??????????????????????????????????????????????? Anyway…I cannot accurately describe the overwhelming joy… Continue reading Apparently I LOOK Pregnant???

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Today’s Random Thoughts

Seriously…these are random!! I have the urge to nest: clean & rearrange the kitchen, sterilize the bottles & nipples & pacifiers I’ve gotten, launder all the gender-neutral clothes, spend my gift cards I got at the shower. I also have the adoptive-mommy fears: if I do those things, the adoption will fail, so I may… Continue reading Today’s Random Thoughts