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Where’s the Line?

I’m confused about the privacy issue when it comes to blogging. I have friends who post their names, their kiddos’ names, their hometowns, their jobs and pictures of all of the above. Then I have friends who use their blogs as family newsletters, essentially, detailing all sorts of things that happen with their family. Then… Continue reading Where’s the Line?

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Mel, the Stirrup Queen, posts a Friday Roundup of blogs she finds most interesting throughout the week. This week’s roundup has prompted two thoughts, one from a comment on her roundup and one on the post about whether or not infertility makes someone a better parent. First, one of Mel’s commenters makes mention about how… Continue reading Hmmmm….

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No News is…Stressful

It’s Wednesday afternoon. S had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and said she’d call this evening once she got home. I’m at the point in the journey where I wish I had never said a word to anyone, because I keep getting texts and email messages and fb messages wanting updates. I don’t have an… Continue reading No News is…Stressful

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Why I Went Private

Thank you to everyone who wanted to read my blog. I’m humbled that you would want to read what I write. Here’s the basic outline of what happened: Last Wednesday: I was attacked by a number of anonymous commenters. Many hurtful things were said. I disallowed anonymous comments, had a good cry, and thought it… Continue reading Why I Went Private