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7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 3)

— 1 — Potty training took a set back two weeks ago. But I *think* we are back in the game. Normal, right? To have set backs, I mean? To balance out that, though, Little Man is SUPER excited we are going to be learning at home. He has no desire to go to school… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes Friday (v. 3)

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Laid Back Potty Training

First, you should know that I am not any kind of parenting expert. Second, you should know that changing diapers doesn’t bother me. At all. Other than hefting my 42 pound almost-preschooler up onto the dresser to change him, I really don’t mind changing diapers. But… At Little Man’s three year check up in January,… Continue reading Laid Back Potty Training

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7 Quick Takes (v. 2)

-1- Guess who is potty trained?!?!?!? Okay, yes, it’s me 🙂  But seriously, Little Man is potty trained. Yay! At least, that’s what I’m calling it. He uses a pull-up at nap and an overnight diaper at night, but, hey. I’ll take it. And since I value sleep over peeing in the potty at 3am,… Continue reading 7 Quick Takes (v. 2)