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It’s February

It’s February. Historically, for me, this is the roughest month of the year. I struggle with the lack of sunshine, the frigid temperatures, and my anxiety is at its highest. I was hoping this year might be different, but it doesn’t seem to be 😦 But, I have some random things to say, so I… Continue reading It’s February

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Toy Purge: How Do You Know?

Little Man’s 4th birthday was Saturday. Christmas was, obviously, just a few weeks ago. So we suddenly have an influx of new toys. Now, I am pretty hardcore when it comes to gift giving and my little one. I send out “wish lists” to the family and suggest things that we need. We don’t have… Continue reading Toy Purge: How Do You Know?

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Why I Don’t Want a Smart Phone

Last Friday I scored much sough-after tickets to a Sid the Science Kid event at our local Children’s Museum. These tickets included a meet & greet with Sid, pictures with Sid, and a viewing of a world premiere Sid movie (complete with the voice of Christopher Lloyd as a mad scientist. Priceless!). Now, I know… Continue reading Why I Don’t Want a Smart Phone

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but *I* want…

For Christmas we decided four gifts, like last year: something you want, something you need, something to play with and something to read. Finances are such that Keith and I are foregoing gifts and stockings, but we want Little Man to have a nice Christmas. In theory, and in discussions, this four gift thing is… Continue reading but *I* want…

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Facebook: I Just Can’t…

This is me being real. Just fair warning. I had to log off of Facebook last night and have Keith change my password. I am currently unaware of what my password is, and the only warning I gave was to my group of adoptive mom friends. I left them a message, because they are the… Continue reading Facebook: I Just Can’t…

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Our neighbors fight. A lot. I know this because I can hear them (especially when they fight in their detached garage, or on their driveway between our homes). I also know this because she posts everything to Facebook. Frequently when I peruse Facebook in the mornings, I get to read a lengthy post about their… Continue reading Contribution


An Open Letter to the Parents at the Mall Playground

Dear Parents/Grandparents/Guardians at the Mall Playground, I have enjoyed my recent foray into mall walking. Three mornings a week Little Man and I meet our friends and quickly put in three miles. The incentive for my son to behave in his stroller is a trip to the mall playground when we are finished walking. He… Continue reading An Open Letter to the Parents at the Mall Playground

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Christmas This Year

Last year I wrote a few posts about my desire to have a perfect Christmas (and the requisite honest follow up). Obviously, that did not come to fruition, because nothing in this life is perfect. I scaled back my expectations (for myself) this year. Interestingly, there have been a number of blogs out there discussing… Continue reading Christmas This Year

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Random Sick Day Ramblings

Although, mamas don’t get sick days. However, I have spent the better part of the past two days curled up under blankets allowing Little Man to watch as much Veggie Tales as both of us can stand. It started Monday afternoon when the kid came down with a 102* fever after nap. Things just went… Continue reading Random Sick Day Ramblings