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Week One Recap

I cannot believe the first week of 2013 is already in the books! We have had quite the week. Sunday, we all overslept. Yes, Little Man slept until 8:45! He didn’t go to sleep Saturday night until 10:45, but slept all the way through. Since we aren’t used to Sunday morning church anymore, and because… Continue reading Week One Recap

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Snopocalypse 2012

We have a good friend who is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service here in Indy. Saturday night at church, she told us that we were in for some serious snowy weather come Christmas night. On Sunday we hit up the grocery store for the last few items we needed to host Christmas day… Continue reading Snopocalypse 2012

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The Cynical Angel

During Little Man’s last week at Parents’ Day Out, they discussed the story where the angel appears to Mary to tell her she will be Jesus’ mommy. As a craft, they made angels out of Styrofoam cups, gold ribbon, yarn, construction paper and lace doilies. Then the teacher let them draw a face on the cup for… Continue reading The Cynical Angel

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Scary Accident

Yesterday, Little Man & I were witnesses to an accident between a semi truck and a dump truck on the highway. It was very, very scary, and I think my adrenaline is still recovering, almost 20 hours later. After nap, I strapped a very unhappy little guy into his car seat in my husband’s truck;… Continue reading Scary Accident

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State Fair

Our church recently added Saturday evening services, so we have been going to church on Saturdays and enjoying Sundays for family time. Today we took advantage of gorgeous weather and headed to the Indiana State Fair. We walked around the entire fair. Today was the final day, so there were vendors already packing up, and… Continue reading State Fair

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First Day

Today I dropped Little Man off for his first day of “school.” It’s actually a parents’ day out program, but we’re calling it school for ease of explanation. I’ll post later how drop off went…if pick up goes more smoothly 😦  Let’s just say separation anxiety reared its ugly head again. Anyway…there are two teachers… Continue reading First Day

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A Rant about Sleep (or lack thereof…)

So my child has a sleep disorder. One that is not curable with therapies or surgeries or, really, medication. He has not slept through the night (8 completely uninterrupted, asleep hours) more than a handful of times in 26 months and 9 days. But who’s counting, right? I am. His tired mama. Who would like… Continue reading A Rant about Sleep (or lack thereof…)

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Sleep Issues: Conversation with the ENT

The ENT called this week to further discuss the results of Little Man’s sleep study. Although there was one episode of apnea (cessation of breathing), it does not warrant a diagnosis of apnea or surgery on the little guy’s throat. Little Man slept about 70% of the study time. Docs like to see closer to… Continue reading Sleep Issues: Conversation with the ENT