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Emotional Thoughts from an Adoptive Mom

Two weeks ago we were interviewed (via phone) by a reporter for our local newspaper. They are doing an outdoor magazine this month and needed a camping/ outdoorsy family. My stepmom knows the editor, and voila, we are the family chosen. Well. Our camping life is (like everything else) divided into before-little-man and after-little-man. Now,… Continue reading Emotional Thoughts from an Adoptive Mom

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And We’re Back…

Did you notice we’ve been missing for over a week? I have – I have certainly missed blogging. But here is a typical day in our household lately: 5:00 am – Keith’s alarm goes off & he gets up to get ready 5:15 am – Little Man wakes up, because the bathroom door opens into… Continue reading And We’re Back…

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More on "Parenthood" (but maybe not really)

I’ve written before about my love of the television show “Parenthood.” While I watch it, it prompts me to think about all sorts of things. Sometimes it makes me think about the topics at hand; this week it was secondary infertility and lack of sponatneous sex with your spouse, throwing a birthday party for a… Continue reading More on "Parenthood" (but maybe not really)

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I’m not cut out for this…

Single parenting, that is. When I was in college, and in the years thereafter, I was firmly convinced I could have it all: I could be a mother and a professional (theatre professional, in that time period of my life – a backstage or stage manager professional, not an actress). Being that there is a… Continue reading I’m not cut out for this…

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Managing the Tension

Tuesday at MOPS our Executive Minister was the guest speaker. I love our Exec. Min. I actually have a teeny tiny crush on him. But every time he opens his mouth, wisdom pours out. He began his talk by saying there is no such thing as balance. Society today tells people, especially mothers, I think,… Continue reading Managing the Tension