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Theology Thursday: Mark 5:24-34

  This past Sunday, our Pastor preached out of Mark 5. Specifically, he read Mark 5:24-34. I encourage you to look it up in your own Bible and read it, but the summary is this: Jesus has been teaching, and He is surrounded by huge crowds. They are pressing in around Him. Amongst the crowd… Continue reading Theology Thursday: Mark 5:24-34

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I Will Follow

I should probably preface this with two statements: 1) I will be forty in, now, less than one month. 2) That doesn’t really bother me, except…infertility is banging on my heart again like it has nothing better to do every.single.moment of So. This morning at church we sang a new song. I mean, I… Continue reading I Will Follow

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I’m trying to blog regularly, I really am. But I’m afraid that if I truly wrote what’s on my heart right this very minute, both of my readers would switch off their computers in disgust of my whiny self-pity. Keith and I had a discussion last night, again, about how life just seems so very… Continue reading Another

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I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand. We’ve had two snow days. Well, today makes two, technically, as it is only Tuesday, and the snow started on Sunday. Snow. Blowing. Drifting. Frigid conditions. The city, the state, is shut down. Schools closed. Churches closed. Businesses closed. That I understand. What I don’t understand are the people who don’t see… Continue reading I Don’t Understand