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The Cynical Angel

During Little Man’s last week at Parents’ Day Out, they discussed the story where the angel appears to Mary to tell her she will be Jesus’ mommy. As a craft, they made angels out of Styrofoam cups, gold ribbon, yarn, construction paper and lace doilies. Then the teacher let them draw a face on the cup for… Continue reading The Cynical Angel

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It’s Been Six Weeks…

It has been six weeks since I looked at this blog for any reason other than seeing who had written (really need to figure out a reader or RSS feed… ). Keith started working nights four weeks ago, and I cannot exclaim loudly enough how great it has been for our family. And me. And… Continue reading It’s Been Six Weeks…

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Our life (lives?) is (are?) insane lately. Last week my husband worked 62 hours. He left the house before 6am every day and got home in time for bedtime. Not family dinner….not bath time….bedtime. Both the boy and I are having withdrawal symptoms. This week isn’t shaping up much better. I am eternally grateful my… Continue reading Insane

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Random Sick Day Ramblings

Although, mamas don’t get sick days. However, I have spent the better part of the past two days curled up under blankets allowing Little Man to watch as much Veggie Tales as both of us can stand. It started Monday afternoon when the kid came down with a 102* fever after nap. Things just went… Continue reading Random Sick Day Ramblings

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The Blahs….

I have the blahs….perhaps even mild depression (?). This is probably not going to be an uplifting post, nor am I looking for oodles of comments. Just need to organize my thoughts! I have a migraine. Yuck. It’s hard to have a migraine and a child. I imagine once he’s more mobile it’s only going… Continue reading The Blahs….

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Why Is It Thursday?

Thursdays have been important days during our adoption journey. See this blog post for an almost complete list. And once again, two important events have occurred on the last two Thursdays. Last Thursday (March 4) we finalized our adoption of Little Man. Yes, it happened that quickly. Where we live, the birthparents sign their TPR… Continue reading Why Is It Thursday?