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Book Review: Do More Better (Tim Challies)

Beginning on January 1, I participated in Tim Challies’ Productivity Challenge. This involved reading his book Do More Better: A Practical Guide to Productivity. This was an easy-to-read book, but I gained the most out of the first and the last chapter. I am fairly organized. I already have systems in place that work for… Continue reading Book Review: Do More Better (Tim Challies)

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Book Review: Ordinary (Michael Horton)

” ‘Ordinary’ has to be one of the loneliest word in our vocabulary today…. We have to live up to our Facebook profile. It’s one of the newer version of salvation by works.” – Michael Horton, Ordinary, page 11. This quote appears in the third full paragraph of Michael Horton’s incredible book Ordinary: Sustainable faith… Continue reading Book Review: Ordinary (Michael Horton)

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Book Review: Growing Up Black In White

I love this book. I have waited a long time to read this book. I first heard about it last year, I think soon after it had been published. However, being on a strict “no buying books” diet, I tried over and over to get it through inter library loan (since our library didn’t have… Continue reading Book Review: Growing Up Black In White

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Book Review: Sacred Parenting

Last year, our small group read “Sacred Marriage: What if Marriage is Designed to Make You Holy Instead of Happy” by Gary Thomas. It was good. It wasn’t as good as some marriage books I’ve read, but it was good. So then we decided to follow it up with “Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes our Souls.”… Continue reading Book Review: Sacred Parenting