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And We Will Wait…

One of my favorite teacher blogs titles all of her posts with lines from songs. I wish I was that creative… First, someone go show love to Prabha. She and her hubby traveled 8 hours yesterday thinking they would bring home their baby, but instead returned home empty-handed. I think that is every pre-adoptive parent’s… Continue reading And We Will Wait…

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Nope…Not Yet!

No news yet! Well, no birth news. I think I’ll chalk that last post up to a wicked mix of feelings: the final two-week stretch (which I hear from everyone is the worst, second only to the hospital wait), PMS, holiday blahs, stress… I still feel like I’m swimming through tar and can’t quite “get… Continue reading Nope…Not Yet!

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Another Thursday

Throughout this whole process, it seems that Thursday is our “magical” day. Of course I don’t really believe in magic (well, maybe Disney magic…). But every important thing has happened on a Thursday: Meeting the adoption social workersMeeting the lawyerBeing approvedGetting “the call”Getting our first letter from SGetting every letter, in fact, from SGetting ultrasound… Continue reading Another Thursday

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Fear & Future Posts

I have a whole post brewing in my brain about the definition of family. I’ve recently been conversing (via the blogosphere) with an adult adoptee who is very respectful of my questions. Today on the drive home, I began to wonder about the definitions of words such as “parent,” “family,” “step-parent,” “sister,” “brother,” etc. etc.… Continue reading Fear & Future Posts

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Tears and Fears

It’s definitely a boy!!!! I should be writing my message for the chapel service I’m doing at school tomorrow, but instead, here I am on blogger. We got a letter from our lawyer today. Actually, the letter is from S, sent to us via the lawyer. Enclosed were ultra.sound pi.ctures. I am crying massive tears… Continue reading Tears and Fears

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Friday Night Ramblings…

When I started this blog, it was for me. I admit it – I’m selfish. I wanted to know I wasn’t alone, and I wanted to keep a record of our journey. But sometimes it’s so intimidating to write it. I read my blogroll (see the right side of my page) and I am amazed… Continue reading Friday Night Ramblings…