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Today As An Adoptive Mom

You know, most days, I am just Little Man’s mom. We do normal stuff. He calls me “mommy,” we go to the zoo, we watch Sesame Street. It’s not that I forget that he was adopted, but it’s not on the top of my list of things I think about. But today…oh, today. First, in… Continue reading Today As An Adoptive Mom

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Different, but not Less Valid

Monday was a rough day in our household. I caught a terrible cold that came on suddenly after Sunday church services and ran roughshod over me until sometime Wednesday. But Monday was the worst. I was cold, achy, sneezy – everything NyQuil promises to eradicate. The worst part, though, is that I was dizzy. So… Continue reading Different, but not Less Valid

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Why I Went Private

Thank you to everyone who wanted to read my blog. I’m humbled that you would want to read what I write. Here’s the basic outline of what happened: Last Wednesday: I was attacked by a number of anonymous commenters. Many hurtful things were said. I disallowed anonymous comments, had a good cry, and thought it… Continue reading Why I Went Private

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Rash of Attacks

If it’s my fault that my bloggy friends are being attacked in comments – I AM SORRY. It could be coincidence. I’d hate to think that whoever found my blog on Wednesday and posted spiteful comments then went through my blogroll spewing their venom onto those I follow – and respect – and learn from.… Continue reading Rash of Attacks

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How to Respond

Wow. Little did I know that I would inspire such hate and venom from total strangers. I have struggled all day with how to respond to the hateful comments I have gotten about yesterday’s post. I don’t know why yesterday’s post resulted in such comments; certainly, I feel I have posted things what would be… Continue reading How to Respond