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Today’s Random Thoughts

Seriously…these are random!! I have the urge to nest: clean & rearrange the kitchen, sterilize the bottles & nipples & pacifiers I’ve gotten, launder all the gender-neutral clothes, spend my gift cards I got at the shower. I also have the adoptive-mommy fears: if I do those things, the adoption will fail, so I may… Continue reading Today’s Random Thoughts

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Thanks, Questions and Musings…

First, I have to say thanks to DINA who posted a comment on my last post. She’s new to my blog, but she left wonderfully helpful info. However, I don’t know what “pink lotion” is that she uses for her son’s hair. And I can’t seem to find a way to track back to her… Continue reading Thanks, Questions and Musings…

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Tears and Fears

It’s definitely a boy!!!! I should be writing my message for the chapel service I’m doing at school tomorrow, but instead, here I am on blogger. We got a letter from our lawyer today. Actually, the letter is from S, sent to us via the lawyer. Enclosed were ultra.sound pi.ctures. I am crying massive tears… Continue reading Tears and Fears

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Okay…so here was today. Rainy. Like 3″ of rain. Plus it was chilly. The kiddos were on “fall break” while we had “professional development.” Seriously? Why can’t the teachers have a few days off? A friend of mine told me today she is pregnant. Yah! With twins. Seriously? She’s getting ready to pop out #4… Continue reading Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Friday Night Ramblings…

When I started this blog, it was for me. I admit it – I’m selfish. I wanted to know I wasn’t alone, and I wanted to keep a record of our journey. But sometimes it’s so intimidating to write it. I read my blogroll (see the right side of my page) and I am amazed… Continue reading Friday Night Ramblings…

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Shower or Not to Shower: Today’s Question

Tomorrow at 1:00, my mother, my step-mother and my mother-in-law are coming over for lunch. They want to throw us a baby shower in November. We are due January 14, if our match is successful, and they want my pregnant sister-in-law to be able to attend. As she is due January 19, she can’t really… Continue reading Shower or Not to Shower: Today’s Question

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Our Adoption Journey Timeline

Spring, 2003 – In premarital counseling, we independently decide that if we can’t conceive we will adopt. May, 2003 – Married! February, 2004 – Stop trying to actively prevent pregnancy and expect to get pregnant soon. After all, we want a big family! August, 2004 – I get vertigo but think it’s pregnancy. It’s not.… Continue reading Our Adoption Journey Timeline