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And Now? We Wait.

Keith is home. He had his interview in Pittsburgh this morning. It went well. We have both been praying not only for God’s will, but that He reveals His will in a very clear way. Obviously, if Keith is not offered the position, that is pretty clear {grin}. I had a salary figure in my… Continue reading And Now? We Wait.

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And We’re Back…

Did you notice we’ve been missing for over a week? I have – I have certainly missed blogging. But here is a typical day in our household lately: 5:00 am – Keith’s alarm goes off & he gets up to get ready 5:15 am – Little Man wakes up, because the bathroom door opens into… Continue reading And We’re Back…

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Simplicity: Christmas & Birthday

I’m a little overwhelmed about the next six weeks or so. So far, we have three family Christmas events, two church productions and a first birthday coming up. We have been “out” of the Christmas game for so long, I’m apprehensive that I will do it wrong. And frankly, the thought of “doing Christmas” is… Continue reading Simplicity: Christmas & Birthday

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An Article I Wrote

I knew when we got married that Keith would have no problems honoring the “in sickness” part of our vows. Just months earlier, shortly before we were officially engaged, I came down with some horrible stomach virus. I was at his house when it happened, and I spent the next 36 hours alternately shivering in… Continue reading An Article I Wrote