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National Infertility Awareness Week

The internets tell me it is, once again, NIAW. I am not “over” my infertility. I have read post after post from adoptive mothers who claim victory over their infertility because they are busy parenting their children. I am not one of them. I am not victorious over my infertility. Because I am still barren.… Continue reading National Infertility Awareness Week

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Angry at God and Infertility

I am angry at God. Read my crisis in faith post from last month. I have been angry because Little Man is still having sleep issues. Sunday at church our worship pastor preached. I got more out of his sermon than any other sermon I’ve heard in the past six months. Here is what I… Continue reading Angry at God and Infertility


I Missed National Infertility Awareness Week

So I’m still new to this IF thing…well, I’m not new to it, but I’m  new to blogging about it and being aware that there are such things as National Infertillity Awareness Week. So this is my post dedicated to IF Awareness Week. I find it ironic, and not a little disturbing, that National IF… Continue reading I Missed National Infertility Awareness Week

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How Much do I Trust God?

But my son can never remove his skin, and he never made the choice to be born Black. He didn’t choose to have people at our recent Freedom Festival parade skip over him for the second year in a row and not give him candy while the white kids on either side of him got handfuls handed to them.