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Our Adoption Reopens (Subtitled "Adoption is Hard")

Tuesday was Little Man’s first birthday. Keith had planned to take the day off so we could go to the local children’s museum. Then we were going to take dinner and cupcakes over to a friend’s house, because she and her girls cannot attend his big birthday bash on Saturday. The day dawned yucky. Lots… Continue reading Our Adoption Reopens (Subtitled "Adoption is Hard")

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Awkward Adoption Moment #1

Scene: Sunday at Church Setting: On a bench in the entryway/breezeway Characters: Me, Little Man, Older Lady Older Lady: He’s so handsome! Little Man: cheesy grin Me: Thank you! We are certainly blessed! Older Lady: Does he take after his father? Me: Yup! Stunned silence. My brain just toally froze up. The Older Lady looked… Continue reading Awkward Adoption Moment #1

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Our Adoption Journey Timeline

Spring, 2003 – In premarital counseling, we independently decide that if we can’t conceive we will adopt. May, 2003 – Married! February, 2004 – Stop trying to actively prevent pregnancy and expect to get pregnant soon. After all, we want a big family! August, 2004 – I get vertigo but think it’s pregnancy. It’s not.… Continue reading Our Adoption Journey Timeline