Friday Free For All

Friday Free For All #9

Welcome to the weekend! I hope your week was good. I have quite the diverse line up of articles to recommend today, so here we go.

free for all

I am sure everyone who has been on the internet this week has seen Tim Challies’ article on the seven false teachers in the church today. He pulls no punches, and even names names (here’s looking you, Sarah Young & Jesus Calling). Dear sister, you need to become familiar with these types, because if they aren’t in the pulpit of your local church, their “Bible” studies are being offered in your women’s ministries.

(speaking of…let’s all remember that the word BIBLE is supposed to be capitalized, shall we? I’m about up to here with leaders of the church not showing respect to God’s Word…)

In a completely different direction, my good friend Dr. Peter Rasor has written a wonderful piece on fake news, alternate facts, and the result of eliminating the idea of Truth. It’s a meaty article; I needed a dictionary 😉 By the way, he also has a book coming out about the age of the earth, and the ongoing debate about that. I am excited to read this as part of my #vtreadingchallenge. It is currently available for preorder at Amazon, if this is the type of topic that might interest you!

This article is actually two years old, but I’m seeing a resurgence of idiots thinking that the confederate flag is somehow part of America’s heritage about which to be proud. The man who designed the Confederate flag was a white supremacist who believed that people with white skin were designed by God to be superior to people with any other skin tone. He wrote “As a people, we are fighting to maintain the heaven ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematic of our cause.” Eventually the flag evolved from the southern cross on a white background to the southern cross on a red background we see today. When that was chosen, however, the designer said it would still “be hailed by the civilized world as THE WHITE MAN’S FLAG.” So. I fail to see how any person who calls Christ his Savior could proudly wave a flag with such a racist meaning. Read the article and the links within, please, before you argue, especially if you are southern (because I know, “it’s just a southern pride thing,” but original intent is important. Otherwise, why do we care what the apostles meant?)

On to happier topics…Dr. Trock wrapped up his theology of health series at Pillar of Truth. He recommends Do More. Better. by Tim Challies (my review is here) and Todd Friel’s book on anxiety, among other great ideas. Practical steps to getting and staying healthy are given in this final article. If you frequently need encouragement in stewarding the gift of your body, bookmark this series to refer back to!

Finally, if you’d like a good laugh, go check out this Michelle Lesley post. I mean, it’s not really funny, but the way she handles it gave me a very good chuckle!

One last thing…if you like podcasts, today I highly recommend you go to Sheologians and check out January’s series on Feminism. It’s educational, entertaining, and you should really listen to it!

Have a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Friday Free For All #9

  1. Thanks for the link up, Rachel. But more importantly THANK YOU for reminding people to capitalize the word “Bible.” I get that, for average lay person, maybe grammar isn’t her strong suit, but if you’re a pastor, Bible teacher, or Christian writer, capitalizing “Bible” is as basic as a mathematician knowing that 2+2 = 4. Let’s show a little (basic) excellence in our field!


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