Friday Free For All

Friday Free for All #8

free for all

Here are the things I think you should read this week!

This article was actually posted a few weeks ago, but in light of the march and the executive order this week, I have found myself referring to it frequently. Peter Heck posted a fabulous list of ways to refute Planned Parenthood’s most frequently used lies. There is also a video attached to the article. If you need useful, quick answers for the ridiculous things your friends are posting on Facebook, bookmark this post. You’ll use it often.

I struggle with sarcasm, biting words, and, because I’m married to a truck driver and the sister of a sailor, occasional profanity. It’s not something I am proud of, by any means, and it is certainly an area where God is working His sanctifying process in my life. Jon D. Payne wrote a convicting piece this week on the way language has devolved in our society. I found it true, revealing of where our culture it, and personally convicting. Read it and sit with it, because it will stay with you.

Rebekah nails it again this week with an excellent article on the dangers of mysticism in the Christian church. “Birds of a feather flock together… and so do false teachings. One can lead to another. Mysticism is like a gateway drug, leading its followers further and further away from Scripture,” Rebekah writes. She is dead on. This is especially a problem in women’s ministries, and it sneaks its way in via a ton of popular worship music.

Amy Spreeman is writing a series for Pirate Christian Radio’s blog that consists of true stories of people leaving NAR churches. Theses are their stories, and I bet many of you can identify with them. Click over and read the first story, and follow the links to the others.

Speaking of the NAR, if you aren’t familiar with it, Michelle Lesley did a great round-up of it this past Monday. I strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the sings of the NAR movement. Chances are good parts of it are already working themselves into your church.

And my favorite podcast this week comes from Equipping Eve, Episode #52: How Healthy is the Women’s Ministry in Your Church? I really enjoy listening to Erin, and I found her discussion on gauging the health of your women’s ministry to be refreshing!

I hope you have a great weekend!

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