Friday Free For All

Friday Free for All #7

It has been a long week around these parts. Parenting is no joke.

free for all

Today you should be praying for the inauguration. Regardless of your thoughts on politics, the results of the election, or anything else like that, as Christians we should be praying for the government. In that vein, the Washington Post had a fascinating article on how the staff at the White House transitions between Presidents and presidential families in five hours. Did you know the President is responsible for his own grocery bill? It’s certainly a fun little article, especially if you like trivia!

Michelle Lesley wrote an article with her husband, Scott, on why no Christian couple should ever integrate pornography into their marriage. I encourage everyone to read this. If your marriage has never face this issue, I guarantee someone’s close to you has.

Pastor Gabe Hughes reviews the new “Christian” film “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.” This is one of those movies I would debate about seeing: it’s clean, there isn’t going to be nudity, swearing, or anything like that. But it will have terrible theology and be so far off base of true Christianity that I might find myself throwing popcorn at the screen. I’m far enough down my road to identify the theological issues Pastor Hughes brings up in his reviews; sadly, I’m going to say most people who see this movie aren’t. Bad theology with mild entertainment is going to convince yet even more people that they are “Christians.”

Speaking of entertainment, Elizabeth Prata penned an excellent piece entitled “Christian Books: It’s not ‘Just Fiction'” this week, lamenting the fall of excellent writing in the realm of Christian literature. Fiction is powerful and shapes minds, especially young minds, because books stick with you for a long time (the Harry Potter phenomenon, anyone?). When Christians mindlessly consume heretical theology under the guise of “it’s just fiction,” they begin to confuse the Holy Creator God for the made up god of their imaginations.

I wrote about how I think children aren’t ready to be evangelists on Tuesday, which is the same day Jennifer wrote a powerful blogpost on parenting as Christians. I especially love how she writes about the juxtaposition of their home with the world. It gave me a new goal: I want our home to be known as one that is markedly different from the world. I want our son and his friends to know our home for its faith, love, Christ-centeredness, Truth – all those things lacking in this dark world. Read her piece – it will stick with you if you are parenting.

Dr. Joshua Trock is continuing his Theology of Health series at Pillar of Truth, and I really appreciated this week’s look at idolatry. Solidly biblical, it addresses how you can turn being healthy into an idol instead of stewardship.

Finally, if you’re into podcasts, I think this Thursday’s Doctrine and Devotion was my favorite of the week. Entitled “Scripture and Journaling,” the guys discussed how they journal. I used to journal, but it was that me-focused, expect-to-hear-from-God, borderline health & wealth, really poor theology for women’s ministry fluff. I quit a number of years ago, but I miss…parts of it? Listening to these guys talk about how to actually journal through Scripture (without covering your Bible in Lisa Frank inspired “spiritual” stickers and “artwork”) was encouraging and edifying. When I searched for the link, they hadn’t yet listed it on the website, but here is the website and it should be up soon. If it’s not, pick another one. I guarantee you’ll like it.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend and meaningful worship on Sunday with their local body of believers!

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