Friday Free For All

Friday Free for All #6

This has been a crazy week in our little household. Our son turned seven (what? how? when?) on Wednesday, and I have caught whatever lovely cold is running rampant around here. Our homeschool community also started up again, so I had to prepare for class, which I haven’t had to do since before Thanksgiving. Since I’m trying to read more books, as well, I have been reading less online. But here is what I think is worth your time today!

free for all

Dr. Joshua Trock is continuing his series at Pillar of Truth on being good stewards of our health. As my husband and I are about to embark on a Whole30 adventure starting Monday, Dr. Trock’s article on The Theology of Eating was a great reminder on paying attention to how and why we fuel our bodies to God’s glory.

I have a hard time finishing books that contain a lot of bad theology and/or false teaching. That is why I am so grateful for Wise in His Eyes. Rebekah takes the time to thoughtfully and prayerfully read all sorts of books and then rate them as “wheat” or “chaff.” This week she reviews Jennie Allen’s Restless. Allen is founding member of the If:Gathering, which you should avoid at all costs. But the review is fantastic – go read it, and read all her others, as well.

In the same vein, Jed Ostoich writes a solid review of Ann Voskamp’s latest book The Broken Way. I haven’t even attempted to read this book, because her mystical/ emergent/ have some sort of inappropriate intimacy with God schtick just makes me want to throw things (I’m working on sanctification). I appreciated Mr. Ostoich’s serious take on reading and evaluation Voskamp’s theology, writing, and why she’s so dangerous to Christians.

Finally, I read a very interesting article on one of the effects feminism is having in the evangelical church. Douglas Wilson wrote this post, and I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding him. I am not endorsing everything he has ever said, nor do I suggest you enter into the comment fray, but this article is definitely food for thought. How women are emasculating men in the church – even sub- or unconsciously – is a major problem of both theology and practice. He wrote this in response, apparently, to Rachel Held Evans, and I don’t know the source of the disagreement. Yet the article stands alone as a thought-provoking piece.

Read anything good this week? Share in the comments, and have a great weekend! Oh, and if you’re in the middle section of the country with me, be safe with all the ice!!

2 thoughts on “Friday Free for All #6

  1. Thanks for sharing these… that article about the effects of feminism was really thought provoking, brought to mind Glennon Melton and the really angry ways she pushes ‘girl power’ and ties feminism in with every little thing… I know she’s jumped ship as far as Christianity but she has so many followers for some reason and I this thinking really permeates into people’s minds…


  2. I think you’ll find a lot of men in all parts of America who could talk for hours about their experience with feminist indoctrination in the mainstream church but who maintain a careful silence out of fear of ridicule. So I thank you for bringing attention to this issue, Rachel.
    I recently watched a video entitled, “What We Learned From Our First Year Of Marriage.” It was posted on the YouTube channel of a evangelical ministry geared toward millennials and featured two young newlyweds. The video had a half joking/half serious tone and two statements caught my attention.
    “What I’ve learned from marriage is that you always compliment your wife’s cooking even when it tastes terrible.”
    It was the wife who said this, which I found odd. This gets to what Wilson was saying, that criticism of women by men is wrong, or even sinful. Also, this advice seems patronizing to women, as if women can’t handle benign criticism without having a nervous breakdown. Now the next quote:
    “Sometimes as a husband you will do something wrong and then you have to apologize, other times she might do something wrong and you’re gonna have to apologize.” (Laughs)
    This is exactly what Wilson is talking about; Men unnecessarily apologizing to their wives and how this practice is encouraged in evangelicalism. Also, did you notice how the language changed from male to female? A husband *will* do something wrong and a wife *might* do something wrong. This seems along the lines of the belief that women are more righteous than men, another feminist inspired heresy.
    I would like to return to church someday and when I do I plan on calling out these feminist ideas masquerading as sound biblical advice. I expect push back from both women and men but someone has to speak up.

    P.S. I know your friends with Michelle Lesley so I assume you follow her blog. You may have seen her post from last year entitled, “Feminist Infiltration and the Emasculation of Christian Men.” If you missed it, I advise you to check it out. It’s awesome that women are calling out feminism in the church! We need you!


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