Friday Free For All

Friday Free for All #3

free for all

This has been a crazy week, for me, in the realm of social media. I don’t feel like I have done anything spectacular, but I got my first trolls on Twitter (yay! not). I was listening to the Together for Theology pre-conference hosted by the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Kevin DeYoung preached on motherhood, and he used the Moses account from Exodus 3-4, focusing on how the women moved the story of redemption forward. As I was making a simple dinner of waffles and bacon for my hungry family, and listening, tears streamed down my face at the encouragement he offered. So I tweeted some of my favorite quotes, using the #CBMWorg tag.

The only way the “egalitarian” feminists found my Twitter stream was by searching the hashtag. I mean, I have all of 22 followers on Twitter. I did delete one quote, because I had it stated very incorrectly, but other than that,  I just ignored them.


Then I wrote about my annoyance with the popular female “Bible” teachers these days, and that kind of took off. So…yeah. Crazy week.

Amidst all of that, I have read some wonderful things the past few weeks that I suggest for your weekend reading pleasure:

First up is this post on how kids’ sports have become an idol in the church. Keith and I have already made the decision that our son will not be participating in anything that draws us away from weekly worship services. I once heard a preacher say, “Is your kid going to be in the NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB? No.” But I see this creeping into friends’ lives already, where they miss weeks of church in a row, because of multiple sports games (oh, we’ll catch church online…ugh…nope!).

Next is this fascinating article on the impact of divorce on children who ultimately become adults who have to deal with the long-term effects of their parents’ divorce. My own parents divorced when I was a mere three years old, but it has had ramifications in every aspect of my life, and has greatly informed my own marriage and parenting choices. Mostly I just felt validated after I read this. I have long said that someday I am going to do a study on how the grown women of divorced parents relate to God as Father – because I struggle with that concept daily. If you are a child of divorce, or are married to one, this is a great article.

Speaking of the Twitter trolls above, this an excellent response. It is everything I wish I was grown up enough to say.

Earlier in the week, a friend called me and lamented that her eleven year old son had asked what “transgender” means. She was sure she had handled it poorly (I didn’t think so), and we discussed how prevalent it is becoming in the church to gloss over the truth in favor of appearing tolerant. Today this article came across from The Gospel Coalition about how to talk to your kids about gender, and I think it is excellent.

Finally, Tim Challies wrote an wonderful response to Steven Furtick’s failed attempt to teach about God and Law. FYI…Lysa Terkeurst sits under Steven Furtick’s authority/preaching/teaching as a member of his Elevation Church. Birds of a feather…

Happy reading!!

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