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I think I have finally pinned down what annoys me to no end about the female “Bible” teachers that are so popular today (aside from the fact that they are wolves in sheep clothing, false teachers, leading people astray, etc. etc.):

All they care to offer people is a very weak, very watered down, very false first world Christianity.


For example:

Choose a verse in the Bible that is speaking to your heart. Make a point to pray this verse out loud at least once during every hour you are awake tomorrow.

Remember – when you pray the Word of God, you pray the will of God. He wants us to know Him better!

This was from Lysa TerKeurst’s facebook page. You can see the time & date stamp. She has thousands and thousands of women following her, desperate to hear what she has to say, hoping to hear from God.

No! No, no, no, no, no! Choose any verse that speaks to your heart? And pray it out loud every hour? What if I feel like Nahum 3:6 is speaking to my heart? What if my husband is dying? What on earth is this trip-trap going to teach me?

How about Beth Moore’s latest facebook cover pic: 

Could we take a verse any more out of context? Philippians 4:13 is all about contentment, not about being a warrior. Go read Philippians 4:10-14. Yes, the verse is routinely ripped out alone to stand and give people the impression that Christians can do anything with Christ, but that is theologically incorrect. Why is a supposed “Bible teacher” making it into the first thing people see to represent her?


**With Jesus, you can have/do/be it all!! (grin, clap, cartwheel, whoo-hoo!!!!)

**You children won’t nap? You can’t have your girls’ night out because your husband is working late? You aren’t sure you can take that long-dreamed-about cruise? It’s hard to balance your out-of-the-home job, your kids’ sports schedule, and date nights? But Jeremiah 29:11 promises that God has a future for you – big plans for you – a hope to prosper you.

**You need a new car? A new house? A new job? Jesus says ask for whatever you want in His name and its yours!

**You aren’t thin enough or pretty enough to keep your husband’s eye? Here’s a new biblical diet plan, some verses to bind the demon of overeating, and some harsh peer pressure, and in no time, you’ll be worthy of the “popular” girls at church!!

**Your husband is a slouch? Oh ha ha! Let’s all get on Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram and talk about it, with a few well-placed cuss words in there to show how cool we are. The Bible says to submit to your husband? Pshaw…that was so first century; the Bible doesn’t really mean that. Today’s wives are the ones in charge; Paul only mean that for that particular town. Leave the kids with your husband and go drink wine with your friends!

I just…

My heart is so grieved over this…

Jesus offers real hope, not platitudes. He doesn’t promise “your best life ever,” or that you can be extraordinary. He promises to always be with you, to never leave you, to build a place for you and come back for you. In fact, He promises a life of trouble, if you truly follow Him.

What would these women actually say if they came face to face with real crises? Real pain? Real sorrow?

It must be easy to offer platitudes on social media when you profit off of a fake and easy gospel.

But what do you say when your friend’s husband has taken a turn toward the unkind? What do you say when your friend loses her twin children at birth? What do you say when a child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, on top of a parent battling a terminal disease? What do you say to the women handing their children over to orphanages to be fed, housed, clothed, and whisked away to other countries as adoptees?

Jesus is going to give you your best life ever right now? You need to dream big dreams for Jesus? You just need more faith?

Rubbish. You don’t need that #firstworldchristianity

You do need Jesus, yes, but not the junk these women are trying to sell instead of Him. Do they have any idea the damage they are doing to women who desperately need Jesus and His hope, but instead hear this message of rubbish?

My heart just breaks.




7 thoughts on “#firstworldchristianity

  1. We all need Jesus Christ no matter our circumstances to save us from the punishment due us because of our willful breaking of God’s law through our sin nature. Praise God that Jesus Christ saves us from sin, Satan and eternal damnation. Praise God, that as our merciful and loving God and Savior, He is with us through all the trials of this life. Amen!


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