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Friday Free for All #2

We were traveling during the first part of this week (it was SO warm and beautiful in Alabama and Tennessee, and SO…not so much back home in Indiana). I haven’t had much time to write, but I did have time in the car to read. Here are some great things I’ve read this week:

free for all

First, a review of the new Anne Rice move “The Young ¬†Messiah.” Let’s just all do one another a favor and NOT go see this movie, regardless of who says it’s good (yes, I’m looking at you, Focus on the Family). It’s not scriptural, it’s not good for your soul, and it’s Anne Rice. Ick.

Second, I’m quickly coming to wish Jessica Pickowicz had her own blog (does she? Jessica…do you? Please let me know; I’m enjoying everything I’ve seen you guest post!). She wrote a wonderful post over at Michelle Lesley Books about the crazy adult women coloring book craze. Now listen, I have a few coloring books, and I even have my own set of markers, colored pencils, and crayons that the boy is not allowed to use. But I view coloring as a creative outlet and a way to unwind in the evening – not as a way to meditate, empty my mind, or try to connect with some weird higher power. Also, I would never color in my Bible. Ugh. Just…no.

Next, Jessica’s husband, Nate Pickowicz wrote perhaps my most favorite post of all time week. Andy Stanley, a megachurch pastor out of Atlanta (about whom I have very strong and negative feelings that I shall not discuss further), recently said some rather unsavory things about small churches and the people who attend them. As Keith and I left a megachurch within the past three years, I was highly offended by his words, because of the way the megachurch is headed. Nate nailed it on the head with his differentiation of a megachurch from a large church. We technically attend a megachurch by numerical definition, but by the way our pastor shepherds and preaches, we actually attend a large church. This post brought me SO MUCH comfort, because at least Keith and I are not the only couple out there who have experienced, well, what we experienced.

Fourth, I have been blogging with the ladies at Satisfaction Through Christ, and Lisa wrote a great post about the myth verses people think are in Scripture but really aren’t. She then offers great ideas for making sure you know fact from fiction when it comes to the Word of God.

Finally, Elizabeth Prata has been one of my favorite bloggers for about two years now. She is well researched and thorough with what she writes. Today Beth Moore sent out another ridiculous Tweet, revealing yet again just how shallow and wrong her beliefs about God are. Elizabeth has an entire series about why Beth Moore qualifies as a false teacher (and I encourage every Christian woman to read it, and then I encourage every pastor to read it and stop allowing the women in his church to use her study material.) Today’s post is another great post in this vein.

Happy reading!!

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