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Theology Thursday: Read Your Bible


I wanted to post a well thought out essay today, chock full of the truth of God’s Word.
Instead, we had one of *those* days.
The upside? My (still for a few days yet) five year old read three pages of his Bible all on his own! And then he said, “One of my goals this year is to read my Bible more.”
Be still my heart.
But even my kid gets it…
Read your Bible, ladies. Not a devotional, not a book about the Bible, not a cutesy daily email someone is writing that seems to be about the Bible. Read the Word of God.
Every. Day.
I have friends call me all the time to ask Bible questions. And, yes, I have an MDiv. But, for crying out loud, I know what the Bible says because I read it. A lot. Even the parts that (maybe at the time) seem pointless or boring or useless. But God promises that His words do not return void, and that ALL Scripture is useful for teaching, correcting, reproof. (go look it up)
The Bible also says to take every thought captive. Those cutesy emails and devotionals? Lay them out next to the actual Word of the Living God…they’re probably all taken out of context, and leading you away from Jesus instead of to Him. Everything you hear or read should be checked against Scripture itself…even what I say…to make sure it is Truth.
You’ll see, very quickly, all you need is the Word.

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