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Praise & Prayer – A Link Up

I am (possibly) launching something new today – a link up! I don’t have a fancy graphic or anything, as this came to me while I was scrubbing the bathroom a bit ago and pondering what to write. I thought it would be fun to list praises (things for which I/we are grateful) and prayer requests.


1. This week, Tim Challies has changed my life. I am working through his book Do More Better and his 10 Day Productivity Challenge. The technical aspects of the challenge haven’t done so much, but the first chapter of the book, and the very re-definition of productivity? Life. Changing. I am also participating in his 2016 reading challenge.

2. Along the same vein, The Confident Mom’s planner, which I have used for a few years now, is keeping me on track in this new year. The house, while certainly not spotless, is definitely less cluttered and streamlined. (no relation to the Joyce Meyer book, FYI)

3. I can drive again!! Having broken my foot on November 2, I was unable to drive until Sunday. That was two full months – nine weeks – 63 days – of no driving. But who’s counting, right? My wonderful husband, and myself, who were sick and tired of it, that’s who!!! But today, I did ALL the errands by myself (well, with my faithful tag-along five year old). Tomorrow we don’t have to spend all day running hither and yon – it will be glorious!

4. I am reading more and spending less time online, courtesy of the first two items.

5. Yesterday, our son read three pages of his Bible all on his own.


1. My mom is moving closer to us. This is a huge praise, for many reasons, but it is also a huge change for her. She has lived on one side of town for…well, since she was a junior in high school. I would covet your prayers as she transitions to be closer to us (in an apartment much better suited for her) in the next few weeks.

2. Monday is Little Man’s birthday…and that always stirs up all sorts of emotions 🙂


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