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I Just… (sorta Theology Thursday)


I just don’t get this whole “women should always support other women” nonsense. I mean, if you’re making really stupid decisions, or sinning grievously, or being an a#* in general, why should I support you simply because we share a similar set of sexual organs? I am so tired of being told I should be all “yay woman” just because. Someone show me, biblically, where I’m commanded to support a woman 100% of the time just because she’s woman. (Go, Eve? I mean, really?)

I just don’t get this quote: ” Jesus didn’t suffer a brutal death on the cross just to keep us safe and sound. Jesus died to make us dangerous” – Mark Batterson. Ummm. False. False false false false FALSE. Jesus died to forgive us of our sins and reconcile us to the Creator God. Period Look it up. Just read the first four books of the New Testament. No where does it tell us that Jesus died to make us dangerous (and I’m almost finished with John. again. So I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about here.).

I just don’t get Mark Batterson and his ridiculously bad pagan theology, anyway, so… this quote is really no different. Chalk circles? Hello, Wicca!

I just don’t get centering an entire children’s ministry around “we’ll teach your child to make good choice, make good friends, and know that God loves them.” Okay, but…how do you teach a child the basis for good choices and good friends without Jesus? Where’s your moral center, your moral baseline?

I just don’t get a lot of things lately. Like why is Jesus delaying His return. There is so much suffering and pain and misery. And more and more people are falling away and being mislead – by “Christian leaders” – every day.

Please, Jesus, I just don’t get why You don’t put an end to it today.

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