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Queen of the Nerds

A few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep one night. So I spent some time watching YouTube videos comparing different styles of planners and videos on how to better utilize my planner.

The next morning, Keith declared me “queen of the nerds” for using my time in such a way 🙂

I said that because I didn’t MAKE the videos, I was more like a court jester.


Who knew one of the biggest challenges for me for this upcoming homeschool year would be how to plan everything and keep only one planner. I’m a paper planner girl, through and through. But I don’t want a school planner and a life planner; I want everything all in one place. So I have spent the past few weeks researching different types and styles of planners, and, yes, watching even more videos on how people utilize and organize their planners for various uses.

My mother-in-law gave me money for Christmas, and yesterday, I bit the bullet and ordered my very first Erin Condren Life Planner.

I will write a full review when I get it, and once I figure out how I’m going to organize it, I’ll write about that, too.

(I probably won’t post a video…unless Keith buys me a crown!)

But if you have any interest in Erin Condren, click on this link, and I get a credit!

(which means I can order stickers…yay!…because although I’m not the queen, I am *definitely* a nerd!)

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