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Some Days

Some days…

…I want to pack up the three of us and move totally off the grid and make us completely self-sufficient.

…I think that being an adult is completely overrated.

…I think that the current evangelical church has lost all sense of discernment, and I mean ALL SENSE.

…I wonder why I’m even on this planet.

(like, what’s my purpose wonder, not I don’t think I should be alive wonder)

…I think Keith being promoted to a terminal in a different state wouldn’t actually be all that bad. I mean, a fresh start never hurts, right?

…I weep for all the pain and hurt and suffering that I know my friends are suffering (some undeserved, some because of their own poor choices).

…I miss being a child, at home, with just my mom and my brother (and no internet, social media, cell phones, etc. etc.).

…I am counting the moments until Jesus returns.

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