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Successful Start!

We started school this week. I spent the better part of last week and most of the weekend talking up school and how exciting it would be to start on Monday. Little Man took the bait!! He was SO excited to start Monday morning!

I always enjoy “day in the life of” posts, so I am linking with the and their ” ‘Not’ Back to School Blog Hop” for their week of day in the life posts! So far, this is a mixture of reality and goals:

6:40 am – my alarm goes off; I do my Bible Study and get ready to run (ideally Keith is home from work by now, but not always)
7:15 am – out the door for my run (assuming Keith is home!)
8:00 am – I am home; Keith and Little Man are up and playing together
8:45 am – I am done with post run stuff and my shower and breakfast

9:00 am – School!!

We start with calendar time. We go over the month, days of the week and date. LM helps by putting today’s date on the calendar.

After calendar we do our lesson for the day. This week we have made an alligator, handprint airplane, counted apples and sorted them by color, done a do-a-dot “A” painting, painted with apples, and read bunches of books about the alphabet and letter “A.”

We also read a Bible story and work on our weekly memory verse. (which LM already has completely memorized for the week! SO proud!)

9:30 am – we are done with school. So far, LM has begged for more every day, so we’ve been doing painting, gluing, etc.

10:00 am – Snack, play outside (yesterday we visited our town’s new splash park), play inside if it’s too hot (96* today with a heat index of over 100!!!), read. I catch up on laundry, cleaning, etc.

12:30 pm – lunch with a video (He has really been into “All About Airplanes” on Netflix and a National Geographic special on national parks. Did I mention he’s only 3???)

1:00 pm – play

1:30 – 2:00 pm – Somewhere in here LM goes down for quiet time. He has only napped once this week; the other days he reads books or simply lays in bed and plays with his stuffed animals. For me, I have been doing my Bible Study at this point, because I haven’t been getting up early enough. Part of that is me, part of that is LM is coming down with a cold and has been up multiple times each night this week 😦

3:30 pm – up from quiet time. Sometimes he wants a snack, sometimes not. He plays, usually inside, at this point. Yesterday we made fudge.

5:00 pm – Keith wakes up! This is the highlight of Little Man’s day 🙂

5:30 – 6:30 pm – Dinner & clean up. LM and Keith play together while I get dinner ready and then clean it up.

7:30 pm – Keith leaves for work. This is definitely the lowest point of LM’s day 😦

8:30 pm – Bedtime routine, snuggles with Momma

10:00 pm – Hopefully he is asleep for the night and I have a bit of time to read or surf the web.

11:00 pm – Lights out for Momma!

Like I said, this is a combination of my dream schedule and what has actually been happening this week. Thursdays are totally different, as we leave in the morning for Mom to Mom or Bible Study at a local church, and we are gone all morning. In a few weeks, we’re adding library to Wednesday mornings; our local library offers a preschool learning/reading/craft time, and we’ll do some literacy activities each week at their stations.

So far, though, I am counting school a success! The lessons each day only take about 15-20 minutes, which is surprising to me. For some reason I thought it would take longer. So I wonder what my friends’ kids are doing in the local preschool, and I realize they are doing what LM is doing at home: playing in the play kitchen, at the toy workbench, playing in water and playdough, and eating snacks.

What does your routine look like?

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