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Advice Wanted: Homeschool Preschool

It’s preschool season, and in Indiana, almost all schools return to session within the next three weeks.

We can’t afford preschool, which is fine, because I am feeling more and more led to homeschool.

So hit me. Give me your best preschool homeschool advice. Curriculum? No curriculum? Two days a week? Three days a week? Don’t bother and wait for another year? You’re too late and you’ve blown it, woman (no. please don’t tell me that)!

I am tentatively leaning to a M/W/F routine, with “Take a Trip Tuesday” and we spend Thursdays at a local church for moms’ group or Bible Study. I am not the least bit concerned with the socialization myth, because Little Man has never met a stranger and plays two days a week with kids his age (see Thursdays and Sunday School).

I am thinking 30ish minutes the three weekday mornings. I would like for him to know his letters, his numbers 0-9, shapes, colors and maybe how to write his name by the “end” of the “school year.”

So…experienced homeschooling mamas out there…what say you?

3 thoughts on “Advice Wanted: Homeschool Preschool

  1. No advice, not an experienced home schooler but I have to say I wish I had thought to only do preschool with Belle 3 days a week.
    I always tried to plan a full week and always failed so I always gave up. Now I'm thinking I now how to do it for Flower.


  2. We used Abeka K5 for 3 of our kiddos and their more informal preschool material for one. I'm sure that K4 or any of their other materials would be fantastic, depending on what age, what the child knows already, and how 'formal' you wnat to get. Their curriculum offers lots of options and could overwhelm you, like it did us, however. Just pick and choose what you think is necessary or helpful. There certainly are tons of options out there. A cheaper way to do it would be to do a search for teaching letters/numbers and pick which activity you like. At 3yo it doesn't have to be very formal. Have fun!


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