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Laid Back Potty Training

First, you should know that I am not any kind of parenting expert.

Second, you should know that changing diapers doesn’t bother me. At all. Other than hefting my 42 pound almost-preschooler up onto the dresser to change him, I really don’t mind changing diapers.


At Little Man’s three year check up in January, the pediatrician said that he needed to be potty trained by age 3 1/2. July 11. Okay.

About a year or so ago, he started to show interest in the potty. We bought the potty chair, the salty snacks and special drinks, fun underwear, etc. etc. We sat the timer and went “pee pee” every 15 minutes and ran around naked.

That lasted until he pooped on the floor and freaked out. We put away the potty and the special underwear, I ate the M&Ms and my husband ate the pretzel goldfish 🙂

Last month, we went to visit my sister-in-law in Detroit. Her daughters are almost five, and B is six days younger than LM. Well, the youngest, B, was almost fully potty-trained while we were there. As in, no accidents and pull-ups at nap and bedtime. And, she got chocolate when she went in the potty.

Well guess who felt left out? Yay for cousin pressure! So for about three days, all business was conducted in the potty.

And then LM decided he didn’t want to be potty trained. “I could do it, but I don’t want to” became a common refrain in our house.

Whatever. I really don’t care. But, no bicycle until you’re in underwear full time.

(we had found a bicycle at a garage sale for $9 and he was foaming at the mouth for it)

We went back to Detroit a few weeks ago. Once again, peer pressure kicked in. He actually begged me and his aunt to go buy him big boy underwear, so off to Meijer we ran. But the week after that, at home, nothing. Singing the song of above.

On July 8, he woke up and declared no more diapers. And we haven’t looked back. We told him he had to go two full days and he could have his bicycle. Sure enough, by Wednesday afternoon, we were ready for the bicycle.

While we were camping last week, Keith taught him to pee outside and standing up.

So. Since I am always curious about other’s potty-training methods, here is mine, summed up:

Wait until they are ready. Follow their cues. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t get upset over accidents. And lay in a supply of chocolate. For yourself 🙂 Oh, and he’s still in pull-ups at nap (never used them, otherwise) and a diaper at night, because I want him sleeping all night as much as possible.

If you have questions, let me know!!

One thought on “Laid Back Potty Training

  1. Love this post!
    I like the laid back approach you took. Isabel loved having the control and when we potty trained she quickly realized it was a good thing.


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