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7 Quick Takes (v. 2)

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Guess who is potty trained?!?!?!? Okay, yes, it’s me 🙂  But seriously, Little Man is potty trained. Yay! At least, that’s what I’m calling it. He uses a pull-up at nap and an overnight diaper at night, but, hey. I’ll take it. And since I value sleep over peeing in the potty at 3am, the overnight diapers can stick around as long as they fit.
His ultimate decision maker? This lovely $9 garage-sale bicycle. It has been in my trunk since last month, but he finally decided he wanted it enough to quit wearing diapers. I will have to post about our laid-back style of potty training. There was no three days of nakedness, no potty charts, nada. I waited until he was ready and willing and we made the switch from diapers to undies. Yay!
This is a cell phone photo, and I don’t know how to make it larger, but the decision maker:
We leave tomorrow for camping. We have a three hour drive north, which makes me a little nervous, what with the potty training and all. But we are in no real hurry to get there (someone explain that to my husband, please), so if we have to stop a lot, oh well. We are going to a Jellystone campground. Lots of playgrounds, pools, a splash pad and a bouncy pillow await our arrival! Little Man LOVED it last year, and I have to admit, it is definitely a fun place if you have a kiddo.
Then we will turn around and drive home for one night and then drive three hours south for another camping trip. This will be our annual (step) family reunion. We are camping at a state recreation area we have never visited, but I would rather pay $26/night for that than around $100/night everyone else is paying for a cabin. Yay for pop-up campers!!
I am developing my first real running injury. I have a baker’s cyst behind my left knee. It doesn’t bother me all the time – only when I am very tired and/or dehydrated. If it gets too big, I will have to have it drained. Eww. That just sounds gross. But I kinda feel like a real athlete 🙂
Speaking of running and injuries, I run with Team in Training. Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 to fund a research grant specifically to study infant cancer. Our honored hero is a wonderful young woman, only 16, who has Down Syndrome and is a leukemia survivor herself. It is amazing to see her progress in training. While I am training for the Nike Women’s Full Marathon, she is training to become the first ever DS/ Leukemia Survivor to complete the half. If you have a desire to see cancer ended and can afford to donate, I would be honored if you would click here and make a donation to our team. If you have a friend or loved one who has fought or is fighting a blood cancer, I would be doubly honored to wear their name on my jersey 100 days from now when I complete my first ever marathon.


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