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I thought…

I thought…
…that I would find more time to blog this year. (obviously, i haven’t)

…that a three year old would not still have severe separation anxiety. (he does)

…that my own anxiety had lessened. (it hasn’t)

…that running/attempting to run would get more enjoyable. (it hasn’t)

…that six months after Keith moving to nights, we would have found our rhythym in this crazy schedule. (we haven’t)

…that trusting God with our finances would somehow be easier. (it isn’t)

…that I would start preschool with Nathanael in January. (i haven’t)

…that he would want to go back to school after the holidays. (he doesn’t)

Perhaps I should just stop thinking?  🙂

I have a ton I want to blog about…

*Separation anxiety & the adopted child
*Further adventures with sleep disorders
*Scheduling your family around the night shift
*Stranger questions: rude or curious? And how my response teaches my son about his adoption experience and how Jesus would act.
*What God is teaching us (me) about trust
*General family update stuff

However, finding time when I can blog without interruption is rare. And now I have to go figure out why fit #2245 is being pitched this morning!

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