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Facebook: I Just Can’t…

This is me being real. Just fair warning.
I had to log off of Facebook last night and have Keith change my password. I am currently unaware of what my password is, and the only warning I gave was to my group of adoptive mom friends.

I left them a message, because they are the only group of friends I will miss interacting with on a daily basis.

I am curious how long it will take for people to notice my absence, if they even do.

Funny, isn’t it? I am about to blast a social networking medium on another social networking medium, but so be it.

It’s all about “me” on Facebook, and in light of recent events, I just can’t stomach it. I don’t care about your weight, your hair style, your petty complaints about your (truly healthy) marriage or your (truly healthy) kids. I don’t want to hear about the thousands of dollars of debt you went into so you could give your two year old “a perfect Christmas.” I don’t care if you went from a size two to a size four after your drinking & eating binge over the weekend. I don’t. I just don’t care.

Everywhere I looked it was “me, me, me.” Self centeredness. Self involvement. Selfishness. Self, self, self.

Christians acting like jerks, handing out platitudes and “party lines” when little children are dead and Jesus is weeping harder than any of us.

Atheists acting like jerks, wanting to blame a God they don’t even believe in when little children are dead and God is more heartbroken than any of us.

I just can’t stomach any of it. The self involved whining, the angry finger pointing, the complaining of first world problems, the gripe after gripe about perfectly healthy children and the blessing of being a parent, the stupid memes and unresearched quotes erroneously attributed to blazing liberals (who would NEVER say such things…use your brain, people!).

And maybe I should just unfriend everyone that falls into one of those categories above, but unfortunately, many of them are actual real life friends. I’d rather just remove myself and live in ignorance of their thoughts and feelings.

I know I am not without fault. I have done my fair share of complaining and commiserating on Facebook. But I had made a concerted effort the past few weeks to be more positive and less whiny. Unfortunately, that just highlighted all the more that, November aside, Facebook is primarily used for people to air their complaints and less than positive sides.

My husband and I are struggling to raise our son well. We are struggling with infertility, still, as we desperately want to grow our family, but have zero control over it. We struggle with living on one salary and pinching pennies and making wise financial decisions and how to not deprive our son of what is important while watching countless people around us drown their children in plastic toys, trips to wonderful places and giving them everything their heart desires. Facebook heightens these struggles, because of the bragging we see daily. For me, at least, anyway.

Oh, and none of this even touches on the sickness posts. Do I care that your kid threw up 97 times last night? Only if I need to come to the hospital. Otherwise, you’ve just struck fear into my heart and I will avoid you for two weeks. Better to live in ignorance, I think!

So I’m taking a break. Who knows for how long and who knows if anyone will miss me.

My goal is to stay off of it until the new year. We shall see…

4 thoughts on “Facebook: I Just Can’t…

  1. I completely deleted my Facebook account about 16 months ago and it was the best decision for my emotional and spiritual well being!! God called me to do it. HE ALONE WILL FILL MY HEART WITH GRACE AND COMFORT! Not my “friends”


  2. Been strongly considering doing the same thing for the very same reasons. I try hard not to be all me me. I do brag on my kids a lot though.
    If you want to make a second account just to stay in the group let me know. The group is the only thing keeping me on at the moment. And remember you can make it so people don't show up in your newsfeed real easy.


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