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Parenting: You’re Doing It Wrong

We have never been big into television with Little Man. Because of his night terrors, we have been exceptionally careful with what he allow him to see. Word World, Veggie Tales, Super Why, Mickey Mouse…that’s about it.

A few months ago we borrowed “Cars” from friends and watched Lightning McQueen over and over. We had to give that back, and other friends loaned us “Finding Nemo.”

On a separate, but related note, we have been working with LM on obeying the first time.

(and disobedience has consequences)


Shortly after the belly conversation, we popped in Nemo for the first time. And watch Marlin’s wife/ Nemo’s mommy get eaten by a fish.

Fabulous. Mommies disappear.

(let me note that Keith and I hadn’t seen this movie since it was in the theatres)

Then, when Nemo swims up to “touch the butt (boat)”, LM says, “He’s disobeying!”

“yes,” we say, “yes, yes, he is.”

And then he is kidnapped.


“What happened, Mama? What happened?” says our slightly panicked little guy.

“Well, he got swept up in a net. But just watch, honey, it’ll all work out.”

And then we have to explain that disobedience is not good, but does not result in being separated from mommy and daddy.


Parenting fail.

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2 thoughts on “Parenting: You’re Doing It Wrong

  1. Sigh! You just never know with movies sometimes.
    We always start Nemo on chapter 2. I'm not sure Isabel has ever seen the mommy disappearing scene.


  2. Hardly a fail, friend! These things are bound to happen!! (Aren't they?!) Sounds like you handled it really well. I can imagine this probably won't be the last time you'll have to address these kinds of themes in TV / movies / books. And his friends will probably say things he will question at some point too! And I get wanting to limit his exposure at this point. It just sneaks up on you, huh?


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