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The Cynical Angel

During Little Man’s last week at Parents’ Day Out, they discussed the story where the angel appears to Mary to tell her she will be Jesus’ mommy. As a craft, they made angels out of Styrofoam cups, gold ribbon, yarn, construction paper and lace doilies.

Then the teacher let them draw a face on the cup for the angel. I give you Little Man’s angel:

He resides in honor on top of our Christmas tree. We have nicknamed him “The Cynical Angel.” You can tell LM was not very happy to be at PDO that day!!

It makes me smile every time I see it!

But he was very happy to go cut down our very own Christmas tree. The past two years we have put up a very small pre-lit tree on top of our entertainment center (out of reach of little hands). This year we actually got a tree and decorated it!

Pictures from “helping” Daddy cut down the tree:

And, yes, he matches Daddy. Whatever Daddy eats, drinks, wears, says or does, Little Man wants to do the exact. same. thing.

Hope your Christmas season is going well so far 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Cynical Angel

  1. Been there, Sam's Thanksgiving Turkey (which was supposed to list on the feathers what he was Thankful for) had 1 feather, it said, I Not Thankful for Anything. But I'm pretty Thankful for these memories that make us smile, the good moods and the not-so-good.


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