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Catching Up

I cannot believe a month has passed since I last blogged! Where does the time go?

So, parents’ day out is a bust. We withdrew Little Man yesterday, because he was going and just crying the whole time.

Let me back up.

About three weeks ago we spent some time with my friend T. She gave birth yesterday to a precious baby boy, but in the past few months, LM had become very aware of her belly. So after spending a day with her, LM says to me that night, while patting my belly, “I was in your belly, Mama.”

Ummm…nope. I gently reminded him he grew in Mama S’s belly. He asked why he didn’t grow in mine, and I told him my belly is broken. “I kiss it and make it better, Mama?”

Break my heart.

No, sweetie, you can’t fix it.

Anyway, since that night, LM doesn’t want to be apart from me. He is finally back to the point of being okay with his grandparents, but other than that? Tears, screams, hysterics. I don’t know if he is somehow processing his story and is afraid he’ll get another mommy or what….

So, anyway, I was trying to get him to stay at PDO, because, honestly, running errands without him is so much easier. But they kept calling me to come get him because all he did was cry, sniffle and sob. There are only two weeks in December and then a huge break for Christmas, so the director and I talked about trying again in the spring.

He also refuses his Sunday school class, too. We go on Saturday nights to church, and this past weekend he stayed with us in “big church.” He actually did really well! And I think there is deep value in worshiping as a family and teaching him how to be respectful and quiet for long periods of time. (to be fair, we do allow coloring and stickers and things to keep his hands occupied)

So that’s been the bulk of the past month: dealing with this reoccurrence of separation anxiety. That, in turn, has dredged up sleep issues I thought we had resolved. Sigh. So I just haven’t had much time “alone” to blog!

On a better note, we are heading into the Christmas season with lots of fun plans! I will blog about those soon!

So what has been up with you?

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One thought on “Catching Up

  1. You have my prayers and listening ear if you need it.
    It's no fun to see our kids afraid of things they just shouldn't be afraid of. Even harder when you are just left wondering what is causing it. Hopefully some good quality time will get him back on track soon.


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