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Little Man loves to sing worship songs. We only listen to K-Love around here, because if he hears something set to music, it is in his head permanently. Even the station jingle!

So he loves to pretend he is our worship leader from church. He will pick up the wii guitar, or his hand-me-down Cinderella microphone, cue up a song on YouTube on the ipad, and go to town. It is really adorable.

Lately he has been singing “Always” by Kristian Stanfill. One of the lyrics is this:

Oh, my God, he will not delay!

Little man sings this:

Oh, my God, he will not be late.

As I am once again struggling against infertility and the lack of ease it takes to continue to build our family, this was a well timed reminder from God. He won’t delay AND He won’t be late. God does things in His own time, serving His own purpose.

Not ours.

I know a lot of friends struggling with things right now: infertility, adoption, foster care, upcoming surgery, cancer, life changing situations.

All I can offer, friends, is this bit of hope, sung by my two-year old:

Oh, my God, He will not be late.
My refuge and strength always.
I will not fear, His promise is true.
My God will come through, always.*

* Lyrics (first line slightly modified by Little Man) to “Always,” as sung by Kristian Stanfill. YouTube video can be viewed here!

4 thoughts on “Lyrics

  1. That is fantastic. I love to hear little voices sing praise. So often God uses my littles to teach me. I think it's awesome to took the time to hear and recognize the lesson. XO


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