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Forty Before Forty

I will be forty in three short years. Well, two years and some ten months. I turned 37 in August, and I see 40 sort of looming out there in my future. So I decided to create a list of 40 things I want to accomplish before I am 40. It may turn into before I finish being 40, but we shall see!

I am sharing my list in hopes that A) you can help with the last few items. I am stuck at around 35, and B) I might inspire you to make some goals. So here goes. My 40 before 40 list (in no particular order):

1. run an entire 5k
2. run an entire 10k
3. run an entire 15k
4. run an entire half marathon
5. complete a full marathon
6. complete a triathlon
7. complete a century race
8. receive my LLS TNT triple crown
9. write a devotional book
10. publish said devotional book
11. sell our current house
12. move into & create our new home
13. adopt again
14. go on a silent retreat for a weekend
15. get to & stay at a healthy weight
16. go zip lining – DONE! this was my birthday present!
17. go to Walt Disney World with my family
18. host a costume party
19. return to Dauphin Island
20. go snorkeling
21. complete a Disney Run race
22. cultivate a garden
23. learn to can
24. grow chickens
25. learn to slaughter said chickens for meat
26. make & perfect sandwich bread
27. make love to Keith 300 times
28. simplify
29. read my Bible through 3 times
30. take a 10th anniversary trip
31. visit New Orleans
32. read 40 non-fiction books
33. learn a new language
34. turn a hobby into money making
35. visit the Outer Banks
36. learn to knit
37. ??
38. ??
39. ??
40. ??

So what are some of your goals? Suggestions for the last four?

2 thoughts on “Forty Before Forty

  1. I love your list! I love all this goals. They are Wonderful! Don't try to make the Disney Race one of the ones you want to run the whole thing, because you will likely be tempted to stop and take pictures, because it's awesome. Even Eric was tempted to stop on his full marathon! I love the ones involving travel. A few of E's cousins did 30X30 lists, with cool things like learn to surf, and leave the country. I'd love for you to finish the Bible Study in a year blog, one of my goals has been to finish it, and with you as my guide, was the furthest I've gotten before pooping out. Good luck!


  2. Lots of great goals!!

    I love making lists, but not so much this kind of list because I only make list/goals that I know I can accomplish (I have a failure issue).


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