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State Fair

Our church recently added Saturday evening services, so we have been going to church on Saturdays and enjoying Sundays for family time. Today we took advantage of gorgeous weather and headed to the Indiana State Fair.

We walked around the entire fair. Today was the final day, so there were vendors already packing up, and most of the 4-H animals had been taken home by now. But we had a great time nonetheless.

Litte Man ate two corn dogs, some fried Wisconsin cheddar, and some fried veggies. I had a few bites of corn dog, cheddar and veggies, as well as a lemon shakeup. Keith added a chicken-on-a-pita to his menu. We walked a little over 3 miles, saw lots of tractors, petted lots of goats and saw some baby cows.

I rarely take pics of the kiddo, because rarely is he still long enough, but I caught a few good ones today:

Riding a pedal powered tractor in the kids’ farming section.
”I love you, piggie!”
“What a big cow!”
These handwashing stations are located throughout the fair. Actual sinks with soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. His favorite part of the day? Washing his hands, while singing happy birthday, over and over again. Each time we passed a station, he wanted to wash his hands.
It was a wonderful day!

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