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First Day

Today I dropped Little Man off for his first day of “school.” It’s actually a parents’ day out program, but we’re calling it school for ease of explanation.

I’ll post later how drop off went…if pick up goes more smoothly 😦 

Let’s just say separation anxiety reared its ugly head again.

Anyway…there are two teachers of two year olds, so I  made a little gift for each of them. I remember that the parents who made an effort toward me were always the easiest to approach with concerns, and I want to be that type of parent.

I found cute chalkboard buckets at Target and filled them with assorted pens, pencils, stickers, gum, wipes, drink packets, etc. Then we tied on a homemade piece of paper that said “Happy School Year!”

Here is a picture of my cute boy this morning (before the drop-off waterworks):

And here is his favorite way to smile. I know it’s blurry, but he’s too cute:
So that was this morning. I leave to pick him up in about twenty minutes, and I actually cannot wait. I have missed him!!

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