I am discovering that my views on life align more with the Catholic Church than the Protestants that I love so dearly. I can no longer stomach jokes,or even simple discussions, about vasectomies or being “all done” having children.

Perhaps this stems from the Holy Spirit, but I am more inclined to think it stems from my infertility. I desperately want more children. While I am good with God growing our family in ways that only He can control, I am driven to tears lately when someone says, “I am all done. No more babies for me.”

I would love to have four, five, six children.

I would love to find myself pregnant at the “ripe ol’ age” of 36.

I would love to be taking Little Man from his crib because baby brother needs it.


I find myself saddened by people’s unwillingness to embrace new life.

I find myself saddened that my infertility’s preventing me from having a larger family.

I find myself saddened that, well, I just find myself saddened by infertility.


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2 thoughts on “Again

  1. I am so sorry. It is truly sad when couples take the control of their lives away from God and want to handle everything on their own (including being open to life).

    We have always been open to life and lived by the Catholic Church's teaching on this. We will remain open to life always and only God knows if another child will become part of our family!

    Praying for you.


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