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Getting Healthy

I have been attempting to get healthy. Healthier, actually, it’s not like I have been very ill or something. But I want to be healthy; I want to set a good example for my kiddo. Besides, isn’t it enough he’ll be the kid with the white mama…he doesn’t need to be the kid with the fat mama 🙂

So onto getting healthy. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I don’t even play one on the Internet! So this is not medical advice. This is just what I have been doing since February.

First, I walk. Three days a week (most weeks) I meet a friend or two at our local mall and we do three laps. That is just over three miles. I also try to walk/jog/wouldlovetocallmyselfarunner one or two other days, and I tend to take a long bicycle ride on Sundays while the Little Man is napping.

Second, I drink water all day. Lots of water. At least 64 ounces. Some days I drink more, some days I drink less. But mostly I drink water. And I have discovered a product called True Lemon (also in orange and lime). It is crystallized lemon you just add to water; it gives it some nice flavor without sugar.

Speaking of sugar…

Third, I am *trying* to cut back on the sugar. Holy cow do I love sugar, mostly in the form of baked goods and sweet tea. I was doing really well with limiting my sugar until I went to Tennessee. Now I’m battling that again.

Fourth, I am tracking what I eat. I am using a program called MyFitness Pal. I love it. It helps me journal my food, and I am connected to some friends on there.

So…just a few little steps. I haven’t lost a ton of weight, but my body looks and feels better, and I am fitting into clothing I haven’t fit into in a long time. Some weeks are better, some are worse, but I am improving, overall.

This Saturday I am walking/running the Indianapolis Mini Marathon. My goal is 3:30 (that would be three hours and thirty minutes, not done by 3:30!). I am a little nervous, but I am more excited, I think.

Are any of you getting healthier? Any tips? Wanna be friends on MyFitness Pal?

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3 thoughts on “Getting Healthy

  1. I am a mom and am trying to get healthier too. I am struggling with food but am very slowly improving. I also go to the gym every other day and have been walking/jogging as well. I am trying out a zumba class this weekend which I am very excited about! It is said to burn somewhere around 800 calories in one hour class! Good luck to you on your journey to being healthier. It made me feel less alone to read this. Thank you.


  2. I wish I could exercise. I will be lucky if this set of knees lasts me another 5 years. Both my parents have had their knees replaced at a young age and I was blessed to be genetically related to them! LOL!
    I have to limit my time on my feet to running after my kids and doing housework. We do walk to our park every day, but that is only about a 20 minute walk.
    I could/should eat more healthy though. I do good (NO fast food and minimum junk food), but I drink A LOT of coffee and not much water.


  3. I am right there with you. I have been working on this since November and have lost 67 pounds. It's been amazing, but I still struggle every. single. day. Food is the hardest part. The exercise doesn't bother me as much anymore. Somedays I just want to eat some cheese fries dipped in ranch. (So gross and yummy at the same time.)


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