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Sleep Issues: Step 1 Complete

We visited an ENT today. He was great; the visit overall was not (but that topic is for another day!).

Nothing definitive came out of the visit. Dr. F proclaimed Little Man’s tonsils not abnormally large, but suggested a sleep study. He did ask about LM’s sleep habits, and I was relieved that as I answered “yes” over and over again a clear picture was forming of a child with some sort of sleep issues.

He snores, chokes, coughs, cries, kicks and arches his back in his sleep. He is irritable during the day. He has a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. He breathes through his mouth a lot, even when awake. All of these things point to disrupted sleep.

We are now waiting on our local children’s hospital to schedule us in for a sleep study. Unfortunately, that could be months from now. We specifically requested the children’s hospital, though, because I have a number of friends who have had great experiences there, even as their children go through some horrible experiences (like extensive invasive surgeries). The referral coordinator said she would put us on the cancellation list, though, so even if our appointment is scheduled in, say, June, we could get a random phone call before that.

If there is nothing that pops up on the sleep study, the doc said this is something he’ll have to outgrow.

If there is even the tiniest hint of sleep apnea, the tonsils and adenoids will come out in an outpatient procedure at a local surgery center.

Thanks for the prayers!

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3 thoughts on “Sleep Issues: Step 1 Complete

  1. “Outgrow it!” Not what you wanted to hear. It's hard to pray that there is a problem so that he and you can sleep better. Praying for a cancellation.


  2. I am curious if the issue with sleep could be silent reflux. Perhaps talk to a doc about a trial do reflux meds…monitor sleep. If it improves that might be the culprit.
    I am guessing the Ent didn't look at his vocal folds…that would involve a tube up his nose…is his. Once hoarse ever? Also a symtpom of silent or night reflux.
    Good luck!


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