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Sleep Issues: A Diagnosis?

Two weeks ago was Little Man’s two year checkup.

35 3/4″ tall, 30 pounds, big head, very healthy šŸ™‚

But I told our ped about the snoring, gasping and coughing I noticed while LM and I co-slept in Florida in November.

She preliminarily diagnosed him with obstructive sleep apnea. That would explain the frequent night awakenings and crying in his sleep.

She cannot, however, definitively diagnose apnea.

This Thursday we have an appointment with an ENT to have LM’s tonsils and adenoids checked out.

I don’t know which to hope for: Enlarged tonsils & adenoids, which is fixed by surgery, which would end the apnea, which would, in turn, allow for longer and better rest…

Or… Nothing, which means an endless path of sleepless nights (and no surgery, which this Mama’s heart hurts at the thought of my precious baby boy needing something cut out of his body).

Pray with us? We just want him to sleep, because we know he should. I know that, overall, he would feel (and act) better with more sleep (as would I, I’m not going to lie).

Currently he sleeps from about 9pm (will. not. go. down.) until 6am. Last night he was up three (4?) times in between. Thank God he naps, but… We have tried every trick in the book, and he still wakes up multiple times (or cries out for a few minutes) (or a combination of the two) each blessed night.

If this is a physical problem with a physical solution, that’s good, right?

9 thoughts on “Sleep Issues: A Diagnosis?

  1. I know you don't want little man to have surgery, but a definitive answer is better than still wondering why all the time. Certainty usually makes me feel better.


  2. I think (hope!!) you are on to something here!! Hopefully you will get some answers soon and discover this really is due to a physical problem that hopefully can be fixed. You have had a rough 2 yrs of sleep šŸ˜¦


  3. I don't want to wish sickness on LM, but if there's something wrong then it can be fixed and you will both sleep. Think of how wonderful it would be to wake after a full night's sleep to a happy toddler! Praying for you.


  4. I think a physical problem with a physical diagnosis and a physical treatment is excellent! As much as you don't want to see your baby have surgery, it can make his life MUCH better, and in turn, make your life MUCH better too! I think this is great!
    Praying for you guys!


  5. I'm with Suellen and Praying for an easy surgical fix. Sure, surgery isn't easy, but a rough couple weeks would be so much better than these endless months of torture. Chris was the same way, didn't start sleeping through the night until after Sam was born. But he's got mild obstructive apnea. I'd have been grateful to have a diagnosis and a fix available. My girlfriend had her son's done, and it was a Godsend for her. Finally Both of them got decent night's sleep. Even his behavior changed, the tantrums all but disappeared. But if it's not the diagnosis, maybe try getting a sleep study done. A pulmonologist could help too. Amazing what a good night's sleep will do for both of you. So I'm going to pray that this preliminary diagnosis is Spot On.


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