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Random Sick Day Ramblings

Although, mamas don’t get sick days. However, I have spent the better part of the past two days curled up under blankets allowing Little Man to watch as much Veggie Tales as both of us can stand. It started Monday afternoon when the kid came down with a 102* fever after nap. Things just went downhill from there: higher and higher fever, lethargy, lots of snot. We slept alternately in “daddy’s chair” (our recently inherited recliner) and propped up in my bed. Thankfully Keith took Tuesday off as a sick day so I could get in a few extra naps. By noon yesterday the kiddo was great. Me? Really sore throat, headache and exhaustion. Hence the two days of Veggie Tales and not cleaning.

He threw up for the first time yesterday morning, but I really think it was a combination of coughing up mucus while trying to swallow water. So nothing solid, which is a huge blessing, as this mama has a severe phobia of vomit.

I did go to the store today. Why is food so blasted expensive? But pushing the cart full of food and my almost-two-year-old (sob) was quite the workout. I was ready for a nap when we got home!

The Little Man and I left for Florida on November 16 (along with my mother). Two hours in the airport, three hours in a plane, four hours in a minivan and we finally arrived in Key West to visit my bro and his fam. Along the way we flew through a thunderstorm (read: turbulence), someone refused his pacifier as we landed and he had a night terror somewhere south of the mainland. Lovely.

For about seven days I was the only parent with Little Man. We missed Keith a ton, and readjustment to having two parents and being home is still taking place two solid weeks after being home.

During our stay in Florida my bro and sis-in-law left for three nights away. So it was me, my mom and three kiddos three and under. Their life is a lot different than ours, so there has been some serious adjustment back to our lives as well. Nothing bad (except the screaming when he doesn’t get his way that he picked up), just different.

I am a very strict parent. In a lot of ways. I learned this in Florida.

I think I am ready for another kiddo. I did notice that at least my two nieces play together and the three year old can entertain herself for a while!

I can’t decide about Santa. But we are doing only four gifts: something you want, something you need, something to play with and something to read. Plus we will do stockings. My MIL wants us to spend basically all Christmas weekend with her because Keith’s brother who never visits is supposed to come up.

Um. No.

We have family events Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and she wants all day Sunday?

Um. No.

We are trying to start our own family traditions, preferably ones in our own home! So far we are planning a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas morning.

And because of all of the family drama, that is it.

What happened to Christmas being about Jesus?


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